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Re: Packages files references packages in pool instead of binary-... location

Hallo! Du (Michael Alan Dorman) hast geschrieben:

>Now if you're using something else as a backend, maybe dpkg-ftp or
>some such, it it's not written to be sufficiently smart, it might
>break---but that would be the question as to why you're not using apt.

(i didn't try dpkg-ftp on Pools yet.)

for the hurd-i386 i could say that it doesn't work there. (and the
maintainer refuses to apply some patches, to make it work


echo 'kfabj?%abgerrf?%fabjsynxrf?1000?%fp?lryybj?&'|
tr '?n-z$N-Z&a-m!A-M^%' ' a-m~A-M.n-z<N-Z@-'|
$(echo 'Plattfisch'|tr -d 'Packetlift')&&echo D$(echo Leitplanke|
sed -e 's/.\{6\}//')||echo 'oops.'

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