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Re: ITP: water -- A graphical water effect demo.

On Wed, Dec 13, 2000 at 11:19:29PM -0500, Daniel Burrows wrote:

>   Cute.  This looks astonishingly like an ancient DOS graphical demo I saw
> once..is it a port?

Dunno. But judging from the fact that the background file is a *.bmp,
I'd say yes.

>   Also, can anything be done about the fact that it tends to crash after a
> few seconds of usage? :)

#> cat /usr/share/doc/water/BUGS

If you enable surfer mode and whirlpool mode, the program crashes.


That might be the problem.

I'll try to find out more about it, maybe I can even fix this...

Uwe Hermann <uh1763@hermann-uwe.de>

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