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Must I compile a palm-program to include in deb?


I'm a DD-to-be.  I intend to package plucker for debian (see ITP
earlier).  The question is:

There is a palm-program (the viewer) included in the tarball.  Must I
compile the viewer while building the deb?  Or can I just include it
in the deb somewhere as data? [1]

I'd like to use the provided viewer.prc.  I think it's ok, because
it's not supposed to run on debian.  By the way, is there a policy
that everything must be built from sources in debian?  I guess it
should be, but I havent found it.



In pilot-link, there are two palm-programs (.prc) included.  As I
understand, they are not compiled during the deb-building, just copied
from the tarball.

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