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Preliminary python2 packages for Debian woody


I completed a set of preliminary packages of python2 for Debian woody. A big
warning: They are nearly completely untested, and they aren't yet suitable
for release. Please provide me with feedback so that the final packages will
be more stable.

Your friendly apt line for the python2 packages:

    deb http://people.debian.org/~flight/python2 ./

Noteworthy things:

- The packages are called python2-base, python2-dev etc.pp.

- They won't replace the existing python packages (Python 1.5.2), they can
  be installed alongside each other.

- The new packages won't satisfy any dependencies of existing packages that
  depend on Python. This is intentional. (I beg the maintainers of those
  packages to make that the license is compatible with the new Python
  license, i.e. no GPL code is used, or they have the explicit permission of
  the author of the GPL code).

- Readline support, python-gdbm and python-mpz have been removed, since they
  involve GPL code owned by the FSF.

- The SSL module will be packaged separately, since it has to go into

Please report any problems or suggestions to me.  


Gregor Hoffleit    Media Supervision Software Consulting GmbH
hoffleit@mediasupervision.de   Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Str. 13
www.mediasupervision.de                  69214 Eppelheim / HD
www.fitforweb.de           +49 (0) 6221-769723   Fax: -769705

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