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Re: I've got a new job; will move to nicer quarters shortly. (Was: I'm not quitting that easy.)

>     Hamish> You don't have to put my key in the ring if you don't want to.
>     Hamish> Wait Karl, Karl, Karl. Your new key would have been accepted if
>     Hamish> you simply got it signed the proper way. Instead, you proposed
>     Hamish> lots of insecure haphazard schemes to prove who you were to get
>     Hamish> your key signed the wrong way. No one signed it, so your key is
>     Hamish> not on the ring.
>     Nicolás> Is it being signed a prerequisite for a key to be in the
>     Nicolás> ring? That can't be true...
>  I don't think so...  we should review the procedure on the web sites
>  again.  There is much to read about this sort of thing, and I must
>  take some time to study the topic a little.  I hope there is a good
>  list of pointers on the Debian site leading to some reading material.
>  The main thing is to verify my identity.  The few Debian people I've
>  met should be able to itentify the man in the photo sitting in my
>  directory on people.debian.org.  From there we have to establish that
>  I really am the man in that photo, whom they have met.  For all you
>  know, I'm some yeehaw with Karl Hegbloom's photograph, he's off ski
>  bumming in Vail or someplace really neato, and I'm trying to get a
>  way into Debian so I can sabotage it and yell "I told you so; Debian
>  Sux!" all over my 2 page glossy AcNe LiNuS adrag-vertisements.

>  [...]

>  I think the best thing to do is just keep my key out of the ring
>  until more of us have met one another.

 The thing is... a signature is not needed to have the key in the ring.
Nobody wants to sign your key.. so what? You can still be a maintainer.. why
are you creating all this big issue?

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