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Re: cleaning up our task packages

On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, John Galt wrote:

> First of all, what newbie is going to want to run a mailserver?

I don't know.  And neither do you.  Stranger things have happened.  Should
they wish to install a mail server, Debian is making things a little
easier for them.

 Running a
> mailserver is usually a job for a medium-level sysadmin: certainly not
> a job to add for someone trying to get comfortable with a system.  Where's
> the equivalent task-POP?

I guess you haven't packaged it yet.  It's nothing to do with me.

> In fact, it's more newbie oriented than task-imap.  There were two
> possibilities allowed for a single package task, you took the wrong one
> and took offense.

The other one is pretty bogus too.

> I guess this is to cover the fact that the
> true reasoning behind task-imap is offensive to the user, as you prove
> later.
> See above: if he's really a newbie, whatinhell is he doing running an
> IMAP server in the first place?

Because he wants to?  Who are we to judge who is worthy of runny a
mailserver or not.  It's a task that people often want to do.

> This sounds like a problem of dselect, not an added function of tasksel.

Then please volunteer to fix dselect.  In the mean time this is what we've

> > having to think about which of the three or more IMAP servers in the
> "BURDEN" OF CHOOSING SYSTEM POLICY!!!!!  I will fight you on this one
> unitl hell freezes over.  The System Administrator is assumed competent to
> make their own decisions on their system, and NO DD has the right to
> override it or assume otherwise.  Relieving the Sysadmin of "having to
> think" is assuming the sysadmin is stupid, and implying that YOU are the
> stupid one.

So I guess you won't be using task-imap then.  Oh well.

When you come up with a better idea, I'll be happy to switch.  It took me
about 10 minutes to create this package and I must have spent less than an
hour maintaining it so I don't have any particular attachment to it or

But please stop kvetching on the mailing lists and do something if you
expect anyone to listen.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>

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