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Re: RFC: planning bunch of wishlists for menu hints

[please CC me on reply]

Here is an updated list of menu hints, together with packages that
will get bug reports.  This list is largely based on what I have on my

Below this is a list of location changes I intend to request at the
same time.

Feel free to add to this list by mailing me.

	Apps/Net gets organized using:

Browsers	-> amaya chimera2 {communicator,navigator}-[ds]motif-*
		   konqueror lynx-ssl mozilla skipstone w3m
Mail		-> balsa communicator-[ds]motif-* gbuffy kmail mutt
		   postilion tkrat xbase-clients(xbiff)
Notifier	-> gbuffy xbase-clients(xbiff)
News		-> communicator-[ds]motif-* slrn
FTP		-> lftp
IRC		-> bitchx epic4 zircon ksirc
ICQ		-> gnomeicu
Terminal	-> minicom, seyon, telnet

	Apps/Math gets organized using:

Calculators	-> bc dc gnome-utils grpn kcalc xbase-clients(xcalc) rcalc
Spreadsheets	-> abacus gnumeric xsiag kspread
Graphs		-> kchart gnuplot

	Apps/Graphics gets:

Bitmap		-> xbase-clients(bitmap) pixmap xpaint gimp
Vector		-> sketch tgif xfig xcircuit sodipodi dia dia-gnome kivio
3D		-> moonlight giram-gnome sced

	Apps/Editors gets:

Text		-> xbase-clients(xedit) kdebase(kwrite) kedit x?emacs*
		   gnotepad+ jed
WordProcessors  -> xpw lyx kword abiword*

	Apps/Tools gets:

Clocks		-> xbase-clients(oclock,xclock)
Selectors	-> Color + Fonts below:
Color		-> gnome-utils(gcolorsel) xcolors xcolorsel
Fonts		-> xbase-clients(xfontsel) gnome-utils(gfontsel)
Characters	-> gnome-utils(gcharmap) kcharselect

	Apps/System gets:

Monitoring	-> xbase-clients(xload) gnome-utils(gdiskfree,gstripchart,
		   logview,gw) gps procps(top) psmisc(pstree) ltt lavaps gtop
Tuning		-> xbase-clients(xvidtune)

	Apps/Programming gets:

Debuggers	-> gdb ddd xxgdb pydb code-medic
Environments	-> idle gide vide code-crusader
[missing name]	-> sourcenav cscope

A number of cleanups will be requested as well:

xlogo:		Apps/Tools -> Games/Toys
xman:		Apps/Tools -> Apps/Viewers
gnome-chess:	Apps/Math -> Games/Board
xbiff:		Apps/Tools -> Apps/Net
kcharselect:	Apps/System -> Apps/Tools
xcolors:	Apps/System -> Apps/Tools
catdoc:		Apps/Tools -> Apps/Viewers
kspread:	Apps/Editors -> Apps/Math

Apps/Finance for financial apps cluttrering Apps/Tools (gnome-pm,
smtm, gnofin, gnucash...)

If noone still objects, the massive bug reporting will probably take
place at the end of next week or the start of the next one.

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