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Re: cleaning up our task packages

Ben Collins wrote:
> Maybe we need a way to define subtasks so we get output like:
>  [ ] LDAP			: LDAP libraries, server and clients
>      [ ] LDAP Devel		: LDAP Development libraries
>      [ ] LDAP Server		: LDAP Server
>      [ ] LDAP Tools		: LDAP Utilities
>      [ ] LDAP Name Service	: LDAP NSS and PAM for Name Service
> Makes much more sense. Tasksel could unfold only when asked to do so, like
> when a user is really interested in the tasks specifics, or they want only
> certian portions of a task.

I don't see a significant difference between "subtasks" and packages. If
you're really interested in the specifics of a task, you probably want
to see the actual packages that comprise it.

> Of course, this requires the tasksel author agreeing to implement
> something like this :)

Does't capt or aptitude or something do something like that?

see shy jo

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