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Re: cleaning up our task packages

On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 12:45:13AM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> Maybe we need a way to define subtasks so we get output like:
>  [ ] LDAP			: LDAP libraries, server and clients
>      [ ] LDAP Devel		: LDAP Development libraries
>      [ ] LDAP Server		: LDAP Server
>      [ ] LDAP Tools		: LDAP Utilities
>      [ ] LDAP Name Service	: LDAP NSS and PAM for Name Service
> Makes much more sense. Tasksel could unfold only when asked to do so, like
> when a user is really interested in the tasks specifics, or they want only
> certian portions of a task.

is this really supposed to be in tasksel? 

ok.. lets assume the question, 'what do i want to do?', 'i want to use
ldap'.. before we get here user has to learn what ldap is, and most
likely at that point he will know a name of the server he wants (or
knows how to use apt-cache) 

once again, 'i want to use ldap based authentication'.. at this point
there would be a admin present to set it up.. or if the user needs
ldap authentication and wants to set it up.. there is no need for a
task package on this.

the scene you are describing would just obsolete frontends for apt and
dpkg.. it wouldn't have anything to do with tasksel..

(just my 1c, i'm poor)

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