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Re: object-oriented C programming

On Mon, Dec 04, 2000 at 07:09:26PM -0800, David Benson wrote:
> I feel that inheritance, type-safety, const-safety etc
> can be implemented just as in gtk+, which is undeniably
> object-oriented and in c.

Yes, but I'd tend to think that OO programming does require
language support.

After all, you can apply the techniques to assembly code, too.
But you won't get very far with it. ;) In fact, if you get to
write a large assembly project (>>50-100K) you have to write
libraries, define proper data structures, name routines so that
they are associated with certain structures, etc. IMHO that wouldn't
really make it OO, because some benefits essential to the whole
process would have gone.

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