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Re: kernel with supermount

> > Previously Joseph Carter wrote:
> >> However, I must agree that more or less every major distribution except us
> >> supplies a rather heavily patched kernel.  In truth, the reason not to
> >> patch our kernel is more in that maintaining our patches is a PITA with
> >> the current source packages and that dbs is no substitute for a modern
> >> source package format.  =p
> FWIW, my policy is to minimise the amount of new features, while including
> any bug fixes which are necessary.  Oh, and CVS (which I use for all my
> packages) has no problems dealing with a large amount of patches.

Back to the original question: why not supermount in Debian kernels?
It would greatly simplify the management of floppies and cdroms. No more
mounts, no more cdrom and floppy group membership, no more floppies ejected
before having unmounted them. Just insert the floppy and go...

I know that most of us are real computer hackers, but there are also normal
users who would like to use linux in a user-friendly way, and trying to
explain them the mount/umount concept for a floppy is not always a trivial
task, without considering the need to manage the group memberships for every
new user.

Massimo Dal Zotto

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