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Re: Woody Progress

>>"Richard" == Richard Taylor <soluzar75@lineone.net> writes:

 Richard> Also, those of us who read the lists understand what the
 Richard> reasons are, and to my mind, they were sound, but up until
 Richard> recently, the `man on the street' still sees us as the last
 Richard> distro to not have KDE.  He doesnt care about ideology, and
 Richard> while right has won out in the end, it has set our public
 Richard> image back somewhat.

	Do you think I spend between 10-20 hours a week on Debian
 (usually taken out of my sleep time), [Hmm, all that time could be
 used for income generation too], slaving away for some unwashed joe
 six pack out there? Why on earth would I care two hoots about the
 ``man on the street''?

	And before you dismiss me as the ranting asocial geek nerd,
 please consider that Debian does what the volunteers want to do. What
 exactly do you think the motivation of the volunteers is, then? (yes,
 I know peer recognition and fame indirectly depends on having a
 distribution that is well known; but respected distribution gains
 more laurels than a merely popular one does. Quality counts for more
 than joe six-pack approval)

 I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my
 body.  Then I realized who was telling me this. Emo Phillips
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