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ITP: ubh -- Download and decode Usenet binaries

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

I plan to package ubh, the Usenet Binary Harvester.  From the README:

   ubh - the Usenet Binary Harvester - is a GPL'ed Perl console
   application which automatically discovers, downloads, and decodes
   single-part and multi-part Usenet binaries.  Automatically assembles
   multi-part binaries.  Provides searching via Perl regular expression
   syntax.  Also provides a pre-selection capability whereby the user can
   interactively choose which binaries to download.  Uses a standard
   .newsrc file to control which groups and articles to process.
   Runs anywhere Perl runs.  Tested under Unix-based Perl and Active Perl 
   on Win32 platforms.  Requires Net::NNTP and News::Newsrc (which itself 
   requires Set::IntSpan).

Unfortunately, it requires News::Newsrc and Set::IntSpan which aren't
in Debian, yet.  I've packaged these things for personal use, but I
don't consider myself enough of a Perl guru to maintain these
modules so I'll be submitting a RFP for these.


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