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Re: task & skills

On 00-12-03 Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> * Brendan Cully (brendan@kublai.com) [001203 21:18]:
> > The maintainer has a lot of responsibility for integrating all these
> > contributions in a sane way, so that changes don't break systems,
> > don't break upgrades, don't break removals, and work with the rest of
> > the debian system. You can't do these things reliably without a good
> > amount of knowledge about the package system, and some experience on
> > top of that.

> Quite a limited perspective, wouldn't you agree? As if Debian was only
> about packages?

No, but debian packages and the quality of them are a big and important
part of debian. 

> And this way you create a new bottleneck: the webmaintainer collects the
> webpatches, the hurd maintainer collects all the hurd patches etc....

Well, for example the web-stuff is maintainer by the webmaster_s_, which
is not a single person. For the hurd, I don't know, but for also some
other tasks, we have teams doing the work.

> Look at the linux kernel for an example of a one person bottleneck.
> Quality and speed of releases is not improving.

Hm, how do you want to coordinate all the work on the kernel then? Who
should make the decision which patches should go in and which not? And
when it's time to release?

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