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Re: Woody Progress

On Sun, 3 Dec 2000, Richard Taylor wrote:

> Also, those of us who read the lists understand what the reasons are, and 
> to my mind, they were sound, but up until recently, the `man on the street' 
> still sees us as the last distro to not have KDE.

On a tangent, we'd need a newer gcc to have KDE on Alpha right now.  I've
been working on a patch for gcc, but haven't had the time this week.  I'm
anxious to see what SuSE did for this, since they claim to have KDE in 7.0
for Alpha.  In fact, any patch they have for that should also fix any C++
multiple-inheritence code generation bugs for Alpha (read: mozilla).

> He doesnt care about ideology, and while right has won out in the end, it 
> has set our public image back somewhat.

My personal opinion is that Debian brings advantages that would make any
KDE-wanting user think really hard about switching distributions, even if
others have KDE in a release first.  I wouldn't doubt that some folks have
already switched to "one of the others" over a desktop environment like
KDE, but I would still postulate that most Debian users are probably
willing to wait, will ask where to find KDE packages for potato, or would
compile it themselves if they wanted it.

I hope I'm not sounding nasty (not my intent) and I believe that we all
understand the point of your email.  I just think that we have bigger
issues relating to release criteria than to worry about "the KDE
factor" :-)


PS.  I believe that there's an effort to get KDE packages into a point
release for potato.  Correct me if I'm wrong about this...

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