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ITP: xmms-crossfade -- XMMS Plugin for Crossfading / Continuous Output

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Description: XMMS Plugin for Crossfading / Continuous Output
 This is a proxy output plugin for the popular XMMS Player.
    * Crossfading
    * Continuous output
    * Gap-Killer: Some mp3-encoders produce small gaps of silence at the
      beginning or end of the stream. They can automatically be detected
      and removed.

Helix has already done this, but only has 0.1, which can't use existing
output plugins, 0.2+ is much better

I am not yet debian maintainer, but already have applied.
Debian package will be available in

It was downloaded from http://www.netcologne.de/~nc-eisenlpe2/xmms-crossfade/

Upstream Author(s): Peter Eisenlohr <p.eisenlohr@gmx.net>


based on the original OSS Output Plugin included in XMMS-1.0.1
by Peter Alm, Mikael Alm, Olle Hallnas, Thomas Nilsson and 4Front Technologies

xmms-crossfade is distributed under the GNU General Public License,
which can be found in /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL

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