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shared NFS systems


I think it should be an important goal of Debian to work properly,
without resorting to hacks, on systems which share one or more files
using something like NFS (from sharing /usr all the way through to
sharing / for nfsroot systems).

I have written some quick'n'dirty(TM) notes on some possible ways this
could be dealt with, in XML Docbook format:


A HTML version is available:


I may not have a lot of time to respond to replies, so please be

If you spot any mistakes or possible improvements, please send me a
patch file for the *.xml file, and I will consider applying it ASAP.
Alternatively, if somebody else wants to maintain this file, go

I do not expect any of these ideas to get implemented any time soon,
but rather I hope to try and create some discussion as to what is the
best way to proceed.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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