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Re: Funny situation with Licq.

>     A better analogy to what happened from my perspective might be,
> "While it's possible to make a program with an interactive display on
> XWindows stay running and retain its state even when the user presses
> CTL-ALT-BSP, to do so is unfeasable and to expect it to happen for
> every program is unreasonable."  Nick has a past history of being
> unreasonable,

 I haven't wrote anything before because I don't feel comfortable having
flamewars (at least not in English =) ). But this is getting very abusive of
your part. Let's see your *first* reply to the neutral and dry bug report
I've sent:

<quote date="2000-11-11">
I am rather disappointed to be seeing a bug report of this nature from
a fellow developer.  When you run a program that writes data to disk
on a partition that is full, *THINGS BREAK*.  What next, a report that
when you receive a message using licq and the disk is full, the
history doesn't get saved (or gets corrupted)?  That it doesn't save
or partially saves transmitted files to full disks?

Truly, what do you expect it to do?  Check to see if there is enough
space for an anticipated write before starting any writes?  If you
want to make it policy that programs in Debian packages must do this,
be prepared to lose the greater part of the distribution.

 I didn't reply at tath moment... I set the message aside for replying
later, then I see this:

<quote date="2000-11-24">
retitle 76815 LICQ can't write to a full disk.
close 76815

 So the bug was closed. I reopened... You closed it, etc... =)

 I've sent this explanation:

<quote date="2000-11-25">
 No program should ever delete a config file, even if the disk is full. The
program might coredup, refuse to work, switch to a read-only mode, forget
further configuration changes, but *never* trash its configuration. This a
bug, so I've reopened it, and retitled it with the original title (not the
nearly sarcastic one you have put).

 If you don't know how to fix it, report it upstream or ask for help in a
mailing list, but please don't close a bug that there's still there.


 It's not like I've reopened the bug and ran away. So.. now.. you will be
kind enough to point at where did I was an unreasonable person (gosh.. that
was a complicated sentence!). I will try to behave better next time, so
please tell me where I did something wrong...


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