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Re: Further changes to the BTS [security]

> Four new bug tags:
> 	security [...]

Two suggestions:

* How about a bugscan-like script for fetching security-tagged bugs,
  and posting the result to debian-security@lists.debian.org
  (security@debian.org?)? I offer to write the script, if the idea has
  any merit.

* I know the security team is overworked, but I'd like to see
  announcements on debian-security-announce@l.d.o tied to security bug
  closures.  Perhaps an announcement could open a bug, tag it
  security, and close the bug all in one go?  Possibly a little script
  could do both this and send the announcement?  I'm not sure how
  security announcements are currently handled, tho, and I can think
  of other interesting ways of tying in the BTS to security


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