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important -> serious as appropriate

severity 74882 serious
# 8bit support has been a release goal since hamm, or so

severity 76459 serious
# typo in build-depends stops package from being autobuilt

severity 77104 serious
# can't build from source on m68k (released arch)

tag 77783 security
# probably buffer overrun problem of local program from network (?)

tag 72468 security
severity 74109 critical
merge 74109 72468
# allows world-read access to possible sensitive data (apache logs)

severity 75174 critical
tag 75174 security
# various upstream apache security problems

severity 77734 grave
merge 77621 77734
tag 77734 potato
# potato apache dies with assertion failure with php4

severity 73013 critical
tag 73013 security
# apache mod_rewrite security vulnerability

severity 74060 grave
# presumably package is useless due to this bug (apcupsd doesn't cope with
# powerfailure)

severity 72015 serious
severity 72016 serious
# copyright of package in main not dfsg-free?

severity 74056 serious
# weird permissions, probably not an actual security hole though?

severity 75909 serious
# patch needed to build on alpha

severity 77920 critical
# can make system unusable

severity 77523 serious
# can't build on m68k

severity 63596 critical
tag 63596 security
severity 67112 critical
tag 67112 security
severity 77765 critical
tag 77765 security
# bigbrother remote overrun problem

severity 46586 serious
severity 66693 serious
severity 72879 serious
merge 46586 66693 72879
# bigloo refers to libgc4-dev instead of libgc5-dev, uninstallable

severity 69721 serious
# unbuildable on sparc

severity 74396 grave
# causes m68k systems to be unusable when installed

severity 74090 grave
# package is uninstallable (really? or is this fixed?)


Well, that's a bit under a tenth of the rc bugs looked at, maybe...

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