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intent to package bmconf


The bmconf is the configurator and installer program for Smart Boot Manager.
This boot manager is a very nice and free product, it is better then
all of the commerical ones, I think. The one thing what was expected is
a linux configuratoir tool for it, but it is here now. I'm the author of
the configurator/installer program, but Smart Boot Manager is written
by James Su <suzhe@gnuchina.org>.
If you want a really good bootmanager, with nice look probe it out!
But it doesn't support kernel loading, this is the task of the LILO.
If you install this program you need to put lilo to the first sectors
of your linux partition and give this partition as the linux partition
to bmconf. It can boot any os, and it doesn't uses partition, it is on
the first cylinder of the hard disk. This is small enough to be on these
sectors or on a floppy.
If you need futher information about the program please look 
www.gnuchina.org/~suzhe or probe it out from your woody system after
the incoming will be freshed.

Gergely Risko
Debian Developer

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