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Re: dpkg-buldpackage thinks radiusd-cistron is debian-native

On Sat, 25 Nov 2000, Norbert Veber wrote:

> How does dpkg-buildpackage determine the source version?  I dont know why,
> but it keeps thinking that my package is debian native, and doesnt produce a
> package.orig.tar.gz or a diff, instead it just builds it as a debian native
> package..
> I looked though every file in the debian/ directory and couldnt find
> anything relevant.
> PS.  The original source tarball allready contains a debian/ directory, could 
>      that be it?  If so, should I jsut delete it and make a new tar instead
>      of using the upstream?

It checks the version in debian/changelog.  If it doesn't contain a -, then it
is a native package.

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