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IRC Discussion: The future of Debian Planet and more!

This is an invitation to anyone interested in the future of
Debian Planet and wish to express their opinions or to
influence the runnign of the site in any way.

The discussion will be held on irc.openprojects.net at 7pm
UTC in #DebianPlanet on Saturday 25th. All welcome, the
following points will be up for discussion.

        - Merging of Debian Planet and Debian Help or
distinctive definition of seperate roles
        - Integration with official site
        - Reccomendations and pointers from you
        - Discussion of who we are what we are doign and
where we are going.

Your prescence would be greatly appreciated. Logs of the
discussion will be made available on the site.

Rob Bradford
Debian Planet team leader and dogsbody
www.funky-penguin.co.uk - get funky with the peguin

robster @ #linux.IrcNET

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