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How are huge, daily builds handeled?

I would like to provide the wine snapshots as debian packages.

THe builds are demanding, though (list is from the guy who did this before):

- about 4 Pentium-133 CPU-hours per build (between
  1 and 7 builds per week),

- about 96MB of RAM,

- about 700MB of free disk space for the builds (these really
  should be accessible online, at least the build logs),
- connectivity to the Internet during the build process (fetch the Debian
  packaging for Wine and the latest Wine revision from CVS),

- a public web site to serve the files for download (may be the
  same machine that does the builds),

- about 20 MB of disk space for the source and binary packages
  on that web site,  

- enough bandwidth to serve this to ~800 users per day,

since I have ony a bunch of old pentiums here at home I would like to run this
beast on the debian network. Would this be OK? Could I feed these packages
directly into the unstable tree or would it be better to have them on
/~andreas/debian/dists/... in my home directory on a debian machine?

What else do I forget? 

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