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When do this occur?


I'm packaging gtk-xemacs and I have used quite a lot from the xemacs package.
But now I got the following error that I'm not able to resolv... :(

When can this happen?

dh_installdirs -pgtk-xemacs21 -P/var/home/ola/build/gtk-xemacs/gtk-xemacs21-20001018/debian/build/gtk-xemacs21
dh_installdocs -pgtk-xemacs21 -P/var/home/ola/build/gtk-xemacs/gtk-xemacs21-20001018/debian/build/gtk-xemacs21
dh_installchangelogs -pgtk-xemacs21 -P/var/home/ola/build/gtk-xemacs/gtk-xemacs21-20001018/debian/build/gtk-xemacs21
dh_compress -pgtk-xemacs21 -P/var/home/ola/build/gtk-xemacs/gtk-xemacs21-20001018/debian/build/gtk-xemacs21
dh_installdeb -pgtk-xemacs21 -P/var/home/ola/build/gtk-xemacs/gtk-xemacs21-20001018/debian/build/gtk-xemacs21
dh_gencontrol -pgtk-xemacs21 -P/var/home/ola/build/gtk-xemacs/gtk-xemacs21-20001018/debian/build/gtk-xemacs21
dpkg-gencontrol: error: source package has two conflicting values - xemacs21 and gtk-xemacs21
dh_gencontrol: command returned error code
make[1]: *** [gtk-xemacs21] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/var/home/ola/build/gtk-xemacs/gtk-xemacs21-20001018'
make: *** [binary-indep] Error 2
ola@chrystal:~/build/gtk-xemacs/gtk-xemacs21-20001018$ scp debian/control diamond:
---- END MESSAGE ---

When do dpkg-gencontrol say that there are conflicting values?

And now I have one more quiestion. Is it a good way to have Replaces: xemacs21
in the control file. I mean you should replace xemacs with gtk-xemacs if you
have gnome installed. But if gnome is not installed does it try to
install it then, or does it take the ordinary xemacs package instead.

The gtk-version looks really nice and works fine.

It will conflict with the other xemacs package because I just do not have the
time to patch all makefiles so that it searches for a new directory instead
of /.../xemacs-21...

Well, now I have to go to bed :)

// Ola

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