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Re: lintian doesn't like icons in png format [was Re: icon.png => debian/ ?]

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 12:56:28AM +0100, Mariusz Przygodzki typed:
} On Sunday 19 November 2000 23:27, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
} > Try encoding the binary file with uuencode, shar or a similar tool, and
} > decoding it in debian/rules.  Don't forget to Build-Depend on sharutils (or
} > whatever) if you do this.
} Lintian sings:
}   W: kups: menu-icon-not-in-xpm-format  
} /usr/share/icons/locolor/32x32/apps/kupsdconf.png
}   Icons in the Debian menu system should be in icon format.
}   Refer to menu 3. for details.
} So it means icons in png format are not allowed ?!

No, png icons are allowed, just not in menus ^.^.  I know of few window 
managers that can deal with png icons at all; there's WindowMaker, I 
believe, but I don't think it puts icons in menus anyways.

You can look at the grip package to see how it deals with a non-xpm
icon (in this case, a tif/tiff).  Just plop it into /usr/share/icons.
I believe this is the same place where wmaker-data dumps its icons
as well.

Or you can tone down the number of colors (if that's needed) and use 
an xpm for complete compatibility or whatnot.

An Thi-Nguyen Le
|What is comedy?  Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making
|them puke.
|		-- Steve Martin

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