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ITP: Caudium, Pike

Hi *,

  I intend to package Caudium (http://www.caudium.net/)- an extensible
webserver based on the Roxen 1.3 software. I also intend to package Pike7
CVS snapshot packages as those are required by Caudium to work properly and
the released Pike 7 packages are too old/buggy.

  The packages for development version of Caudium (official release is due RSN)
as well as for the Pike7 CVS snapshots are available at
ftp://debian.vip.net.pl/caudium, http://debian.vip.net.pl/caudium and
rsync://debian.vip.net.pl/caudium. You can put the following lines to your
APT sources.list to fetch the packages:

deb http://debian.vip.net.pl/caudium unstable main
deb-src http://debian.vip.net.pl/caudium unstable main


deb ftp://debian.vip.net.pl/caudium unstable main
deb-src http://debian.vip.net.pl/caudium unstable main

(note that the FTP transfer is throttled down to 20Kb/s). The packages in
the archive are not always the most current wrt the CVS snapshots, for
obvious reasons.

I'm currently in the NM queue (actually, the only thing missing is DAM
approval and account creation) and therefore hope to be able to upload
Caudium and Pike packages (if they are accepted by the developer community)
by the Caudium release date in the near future...

Thank you for attention, and I hope to receive feedback from people who will
test the packages


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