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Re: Gnome has broken sound for 2.4 kernel, but KDE is OK.

On Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 07:37:46PM +0100, Remco van de Meent wrote:
> > Anyway, it seems like a really serious thing to me.  When the 2.4
> > kernel goes out to the unwashed masses, is esound just going to fail
> > for everyone running gnome with xmms, realplayer, etc.?
> I don't know what exactly causes this (common) problem, but a fix seems
> to be to mak xmms (the mpeg123 plugin) downsampling your mp3s to
> 22kHz using the plugin's configure option.

This is hardly a workaround since other gnome apps do things that cause
breakage too all the time.

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