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Re: legOS needs binutils and gcc crosscompiled

* H.Heinold (heinold@physik.tu-cottbus.de) [001116 13:12]:
> hello,
> in the manner of my newmaintainer applicance. I want to pack legOS-
> the independent LEGO Mindstorms OS into the deb format. The problem
> is that  I need binutils and gcc compiled with target=h8300-hitachi-hms
> and I found no way in debian under which directory i can install
> the overlapping libs like libbfd. I would prefer
> /usr/lib/name_of_the_architectur, but dont know if it is the right way.
> suggestions, comments ?

Cool!  Thanks for doing this.

For suggestions, I would look at the m68k toolchain built for
prc-tools.deb (for palm pilots).


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