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Re: Need help with Conflicts, Replaces and Provides...

"Sander Smeenk (CistroN Medewerker)" <ssmeenk@cistron.nl> wrote:
>Fabien Ninoles filed the bug and told me I had to put an extra line in the 
>control file which says 'Provides: libgd1g-dev'. This, he says, to ensure 
>smooth upgrades, so old packages depending on libgd1g-dev will work with 
>So then I'll have these rules in my control file for libgd-dev:
>Conflict: libgd1g-dev
>Replaces: libgd1g-dev
>Provides: libgd1g-dev
>The Conflicts rule with the Provides rule seems a bit weird to me.
>A package Conflicting with something it Provides....
>And then a fellow debian maintainer told me it is not allowed to do this.

No, this is fine and quite common. It's the correct idiom for renaming a
package. See for instance kbd-compat, which Conflicts:, Replaces:, and
Provides: kbd.

dpkg has special handling for the case where a package conflicts with
its own virtual.

>I don't know what to do now...

You could always try building a package with those headers and see if
dpkg will install it? ;)

>Another question I have is when I have to put the 3 rules in libgd-dev,
>do I also have to put a 'Provides: libgd1g' in the controlfile for libgd1?

If libgd1 is binary-compatible with libgd1g (i.e. if you can install it
in place of libgd1g and have programs that link against libgd1g still
work), then of course yes.

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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