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Re: netscape directory server, redhat bins, ...

On 2000-11-13 20:53, Philip Brown wrote:
>[ Ben Collins writes ]
>> > SO, is there a group looking out for 'cross-linux compatibility' issues?
>> >
>> > Or maybe someone interested in prodding sun/netscape/iplanet to also
>> > release a debian-friendly binary for this?
>> I think in this case, atleast I am more concerned with the free directory
>> server solutions within Debian (openldap to be specific). Why waste time
>> with proprietary crap that can't even be developed to work on more than
>> one linux distribution?
>Because that's part of being "business-friendly".
>From a business standpoint, it doesnt matter that it's "open", it has
>to work better/more easily. The various netscape server progs fit that
>description in some areas.
>In some ways, redhat is the "enemy" of debian. If a bunch of very popular
>business software runs only on redhat, not on debian, then redhat effectly
>becomes "linux" for that group of users.
>It's the microsoft effect. OS Vendor lock-in through crucial apps.
>We ARE against that sort of thing, right? :-)

Netscape mail server is the one you want to get going on Debian then.  Apache 
has every desirable feature that's in the Netscape web server.  OpenLDAP does 
everything that the Netscape LDAP server does.  But there is no open source 
mail server that does all the things that Netscape mail server does.

Of course I wouldn't trust important email to Netscape mail server but that's 
another issue.  ;)

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