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Re: ITP: console-cyrillic

On 10.XI.2000 at 16:20 Peter Novodvorsky wrote:
> ++ 09/11/00 18:38 +0200 - Anton Zinoviev:
> > console-cyrillic is a package that comes to make the Cyrillic setup on
> > the console easier and better.
> I think that we should include this package into console-tools. If it
> has some utilities that don't fit into console-tools, than they can be
> packaged, but as I know the most part of c-t-cyrillic are fonts,
> keymaps and so on and there place is c-t package. BTW, Russian part of
> original console-tools is very old and should be replaced. Yann? 

	Yes, most of the Cyrillic fonts in the package 
console-tools-data didn't have proper unicode map.  I don't know is 
that problem resolved in the new version or not.   If not, then they 
should be replaced with newer versions from the package 
console-tools-cyrillic of Victor Wagner and a bug report against 
console-tools-data can be submitted.

	The package console-tools-cyrillic contains some completely new 
Cyrillic fonts with very good design.  It seams to me that it is not 
difficult to add to these fonts the symbols from ISO-8859-1,2,.. and 
make them useful not only for the Cyrillic languages.  Then they 
should be included in the `console-tools-data' package because 
currently there is no good Unicode font in it.

The Unicode fonts like LatArCyrHeb-??.psf.gz together with application 
character map such as /usr/share/consoletrans/iso01.acm.gz can be used 
with any encoding.  So the application character maps from the package 
console-tools-cyrillic should be moved to console-tools-data package.  
They are only a few and are relatively small (about 800 bytes per 

	Anton Zinoviev <zinoviev@debian.org>


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