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Re: Some ideas to improve the debian policy

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
>> I suggest to split the -dev package for a library
>> (for ej: libgtk-dev) in two separate packages: -headers and -static
>> (in this example: libgtk-dev and libgtk-static). This would allow the
>> user to choose exactly what he needs , and save a lot of disk space
>> (and also download time , when getting the files by ftp)

> It's a tradeoff between a small gain for people who are developing with
> the library, and a small loss for people who are not (every new package
> adds to the time people must spend downloaidng Packages files and
> reading through package lists in dselect, capt, and so on).

There is an alternative.  Since we already have a lot -dbg packages with
static libraries that are compiled with -g, why not remove the the static
libraries from -dev and require all library packages to provde a -dbg version
with static libraries compiled with -g -O2? These static libraries should
work for both static linking and debugging.
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