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Re: X 4.0.1 what's the deal?

On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, Erik Steffl wrote:

> > Yes.  xserver-xfree86 is a new package because it contains completely new
> > things, like "/usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86"; try to find that file in X 3.3.6.
>   I know it's new but the way it works now does not make much sense -
> most of the system is updated to 4.0.1, except of X server, and in
> addition to that the X server no longer works (at least in my case),
> which leaves the X unusable.

That is exactly what happened to me as well.  Couple that with kdm
breakage in XF4 (don't know who's fault it is and I don't really care),
and I have an unuseable graphical environment.

>   there were some new packages installed by automatic update/upgrade -
> why not X server? Specificaly since now there is only one X server so
> that there are no doubt which one to get.

That is what I expected as well.

>   yes, I know, the X 4.0.1 does not support all the cards that 3.3.6
> does, but given the fact that even 3.3.6 does not work after upgrade
> that's a moot point...


>   all in all I am not complaining though, the new server is a lot faster
> (at least I think so), I've got truetype fonts working, acceleration, no
> modelines... hope I'll get DRI working as well... (from other posts it
> looks like I only need to change to 16bpp)

I can't wait!  :)


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