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Re: Progeny Linux Systems Announces Progeny Debian Beta One

On Sat, Nov 04, 2000 at 05:32:23PM +0100, Jordi Mallach wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 10:44:51PM -0500, Joseph Carter wrote:
> > Due to the closed source development model of XFree it is impossible
> > to support, or even speculate about, features in pre- or beta releases
> > of XFree.
> >         -- Marcus Sundberg
> Hm, this has changed with CVS, hasn't it?

Yes.  XFree86 still has a few "private" mailing lists but they're trying to
migrate all discussion of material not covered by NDA's to new public
mailing lists.  For instance, <xpert@xfree86.org> is the new general
development mailing list.  It is public, open to subscriptions, and

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