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nessus-1.0.5-2 makes my life miserable

Picked up the woody sorces the other day and built everything
(nessus-libraries-1.0.5-1, nessus-core-1.0.5-2, nessus-plugins-1.0.5-2)
and installed on potato.

I followed the advice in /usr/share/doc/nessusd/README.Debian
(nessus-adduser, nessusd -D, nessus) tried to log in and got stuck with
a message box in my face, saying:

  "Remote host is not using < NSP/0.3 >"

Jumped to the mailing-list on the nessus site and looked for the
message. The only thing I could find is the suggestion to check if I'm
using an older version of nessusd. I did check, I'm not.

So I wonder what's going on? Is there some version missmatch somewhere?
Did I miss something?

Another thing I noticed is an empty plugins list.

Any thoughts?


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