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Re: squid's async-io (was Re: Ancient squid and unattentive maintainer)

In article <20001106105607.C30255@tdyc.com>,
Ivan E. Moore II <rkrusty@tdyc.com> wrote:
>> Right, I did that and it doesn't help. Even with 2.2.18pre19
>> squid is still pretty slow on the SMP machine.
>> I think I'll take the plunge and build 2.3.STABLE4 for woody.
>> At least async I/O can be configured through squid.conf with
>> that release, and it sounds like this is what everybody needs.
>I don't have any stats on me, but I still want to say that I have had
>great results with 2.3.STABLE4 (using your diffs...updated slightly).

Could you try


and let me know how it works for you ?

People get the operating system they deserve.

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