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Re: RFC: initscript policy proposal


	How about this psuedo diff (I made the second paragraph a
 footnote, and hence informative rather than normative). When we have
 better compliance, we can switch to a should, and then a must,

diff -u policy.text policy.text
--- policy.text
+++ policy.text
@@ -1144,9 +1144,12 @@
      start, stop and otherwise manage services. This program may be used by
      maintainers in their packages' scripts.
-     You must use `invoke-rc.d' to invoke the `/etc/init.d/*'
-     initscripts. Package scripts must not call /etc/init.d scripts
-     directly.
+     The use of `invoke-rc.d' to invoke the `/etc/init.d/*' initscripts
+     is strongly recommended[1], instead of calling them directly. 
+     Footnote [1] In the future, the use of invoke-rc.d to invoke
+     initscripts shall be made mandatory. Maintainers are advised to
+     switch to invoke-rc.d as soon as possible.
      By default, `invoke-rc.d' will pass any action requests (start, stop,
      reload, restart...) to the /etc/init.d script, filtering out requests

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