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Re: How to use perl-*-debug

On Sun, Nov 05, 2000 at 02:57:26AM -0500, Gregory Stark wrote:
>How is the perl-*-debug packages intended to be used? I installed it and then
>tried to compile Devel::Leak using it and it still said my perl was compiled
>without -DDEBUGGING. Is there some magic to convince Devel::Leak to use the
>right perl?

The perl-*-debug package provides a debug-enabled binary as debugperl.

It does not however include either the config.h or Config.pm which were
which match that binary.  This is not generally a problem if you just
want to debug from the command line ("debugperl -D...").

Devel::Leak however uses the former (config.h) in the .xs to determine
whether or not to use sv_dump, and the latter (Config.pm) to warn about
-DDEBUGGING in the Makefile.PL.

You can try using:

  debugperl Makefile.PL DEFINE=-DDEBUGGING

to generate the Makefile.  Note that any scripts using the resulting
module will need to be run with debugperl.

This appeared to work with perl-5.005-debug and Devel-Leak-0.02,
although there is a rather odd test failure with "make test" which
mysteriously disappears when "make test TEST_VERBOSE=0" is used.

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