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Re: Driver detection and loading

Thus spake Eric Gillespie, Jr. (epg@progeny.com):

>     > There are hardware autodetection packages out there. At
>     > least Corel, Stromix and Progeny (chronological order :-))
>     > have one. And they should be open source too.
> At Progeny, we are committed to giving back to Debian everything
> we've done. Right now, we are very short on time, but in a few
> weeks, we should have enough free time to start packaging our
> work for Debian proper. Some of our software, like discover (our
> hardware autodetection tool), will probably require some small
> infrastructure changes, but i'm sure there won't be any real
> problems integrating them.

What are the advantages of your package over, for example, libdetect,
which is already in woody?

> Even though i've been stuck in the NM queue for 6 months, i'm
> sure one of my Official Debian Developer(tm) co-workers won't
> mind sponsoring my packages :).

Sure, let me know when you have it ready. 

BTW: it's quite weird you're still stuck in the NM queue. You've been
appointed a application manager on september 1st, however your AM never
confirmed the assignment. You might consider contacting him directly
(stevem@debian.org) or mailing the front desk

Kind regards,
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