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Re: What is a Kernel?

>>"Moshe" == Moshe Zadka <moshez@math.huji.ac.il> writes:

 Moshe> But we still don't have a /etc/alternatives-like interface to lilo.
 Moshe> Think about it this way:
 Moshe> kernel-2.2.17 provides kernel
 Moshe> kernel-2.2.15 provides kernel

 Moshe> I want to be able to switch kernels with update-alternatives.

	Why does it have to be update alternatives? I have it sao that
 I can change the default kernel by just moving a symlink around (ahnd
 I guess I could script that too). Using grub/lilo allows for
 this. What is the advantage that update-alternatives gives over the
 current set up? (I have, incidentally, 7 possible kernel/OS
 combination I can boot into)

 Moshe> Of course, it will require a reboot -- but at least it doesn't
 Moshe> require me to lie to the Debian packaging system.

	I don't get this. Why does one have to lie to dpkg? 

 Moshe> And the next time a kernel will break pppd, it is possible to
 Moshe> just have a Conflicts: ppd (<<2.2) or something, and apt will
 Moshe> take care of it automatically.

	And why can't we have a conflicts line in official images
 right now, if the maintainer felt the need? 

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