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MySQL + external locking ...

  I've been trying to get MySQL set up in a shared file system environment..
It has a option 'skip locking' which disables external locking, when run on
only a single machine.. I obviously don't want skip locking enabled, as I
want the external locking.. For some reason, I've been having problems
trying to 'disable' the skip locking feature ..
  I noticed the 'skip-locking' parameter in the my.cf file, and removed it
.. started up mysql, issued 'show variables', and found it still ON .. I
then did some poking around and found that the --skip-locking parameter was
issued as well in the safe_mysqld start script .. I removed all occurances..
stopped then started the server .. and its still ON!!  I even looked through
the Debian source and didn't find any default options for it being in (maybe
I missed something??)
  Anyone have any insight??
  I would tend to think that the skip locking behavior, by default, should
be turned off (which is whats lead on by the documentation).. as it can be
dangerous when someone thinks it is turned off (like me:p) especially when
all config options say it should be off...


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