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Re: xserver-common_4.0.1 powerpc autobuild

On Sat, 4 Nov 2000, Chad Miller wrote:

> I recall the ppc autobuilder being broken several months ago.  Is it
> still broken?
> I ask because I don't see the 4.0.1 xserver for ppc, and I don't want to
> have to 'alien' the xpmac RPM to get a working X.  I'll wait, if it's
> simply not yet uploaded.  

Not sure about ppc, but I'll head off any similar questions about Alpha
right now.  Basically, the 4.0.1 package didn't compile on Alpha until
today (just finished my first successful test compilation after patching a
bit).  I'm not sure about the status of the Alpha autobuilder, but I
should have 4.0.1 debs up by tomorrow and a patch in email for Branden
when he gets back from being on holiday :-)


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