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Re: List of all Internet services on Debian sites

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Eray Ozkural wrote:

> There is already a list of debian machines, and usage policies.
> And there is also information on things like public key
> server. But a complete and single list which has:
>   * Specific internet services
>     - keyserver
>     - directory?? (is there one? would be very useful!)
>     - cvs
>     - etc
>   * Peoples' home pages
Moreover I would really like a description, how to set up such services.
For a certain project I plan to build a similiar infrastructure with
ldap driven user login, mailing list, vacation notice and also a keyserver.
Currently I have no idea how to set up a ldap directory service and
the Debian example would help me very much to make the first steps.

Kind regards


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