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Proposal: gopher.debian.org

Reading some of the recent emails about the web site, I had an idea.  A
little while ago I was pleasently surprised to find we have gopherd in the
distribution in main no less.  (It used to be non-free.)  This brought
back a lot o memories for me of a time when the internet wasn't full of
nauseating color schemes, irritating animations, and banner ads.

If scientists can clone extinct species we can bing gopher back from the
dead.  The advantages are many:

1. no "design", no "ecommerce" just pure information.

2. the gopher protocol is supported by major web browsers on all platforms

3. Now GPLed.

4. That cool "retro" factor.

If we can install gopherd on one of the servers, I'd be willing to work on

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>

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