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KDE 2.0 - suitable for a point release of Potato ??

Hello all,

A request for consideration: would it be possible to release a point 
release of Potato to include KDE 2.0 debs (as packaged at kde.tdyc.com)

The reason is straightforward: there are people who woudl use Debian
for all their Linux work if only it included KDE 2.0 as they perceive 
this to be the Linux killer app.  They will use anything else if it 
includes KDE - but recognise that Debian is the correct choice in
every other respect.

We don't pander to our "customer base" - but the idea that the Debian
project is anti-KDE is not helped by reviews (e.g. Linux magazine issue 2)
which imply that Debian's stance on KDE was wrong and that it is a shame
that it could not have been included in the Potato release.

Given that the licence changes happened post-Potato release, there was
no possibility that it could have been included at that time: could we
release now as a Potato add-on ??

Happily running Woody here - but can't convince others to follow my
lead for production systems.


[PS. Who is responsible for tasksel / which is the most appropriate
list for an tasksel wishlist discussion]

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