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Re: How can printing be simplified with Debian GNU/Linux?


Raphael Bossek schrieb:
> > We have a 'printer configuration database', have a look at
> > /etc/magicfilter/ after installing the magicfilter package ...
> I'm using it at the moment and I can say you that this is not
> what I, and I think many will agree, want to have!

Could you please tell me (us) what you _exactly_ want? And for
what kind of printers (PS/PCL/GDI)?

> Visit www.linuxprinting.org and try out the printer database
> and you will see how simple it could be...

Well, the entry for my printer (Lexmark Optra E312) is wrong (it
can very well print plain text), and not very helpful. The only
thing one needs to know to get it to run isn't in the database
(entering some lines into /etc/printcap, the if= being

ciao, 2ri
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