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Re: Comments on FHS testsuite run

Matt Zimmerman writes:
> > * Reference 5.1-1: /var/account missing
> >   Reason: bug in Debian
> > 
> >   Should be added as an empty dir to base-files
> Does this need to exist if the accounting utilities are not installed?  It
> seems to be created correctly by the acct package.

In the FHS the /var/account directory is stated as being optional;
required if process accounting is supported.

One thing to note when interpreting the test suite results
(specification aside) is that a test reporting unsupported, is not
counted as a failure. For the example above of /var/account this test
was counted as equivalent to a pass, as during the configuration of
the test suite it was entered that process accounting was not
supported by the implementation.

When reading the report, the following are accumulated as failures:
  - Fail
  - Unititated
  - Unresolved
  - Unreported 

Anything else is counted as a pass.

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