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Re: busybox in main

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > 	dists/ stable/ main/
> > 		binary-i386/
> > 			various .debs
> > 		disks-i386/
> > 			various .udebs
> > 			some basic boot-floppies
> > 			release notes
> > 		source/
> > 			source to all the .debs and .udebs
> I don't like this scheme because it's assuming either/or with debian-installer vs
> boot-floppies.  Forcing this either/or decision is going to make releasing woody a lot
> harder.

Do you think we should try to get some directory like
dists/unstable/main/debian-installer? I'm all for it since it's a
clearer directory name anyway.

see shy jo

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