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Given the recent VA crash and the resulting problems with people's
personal web pages I have created 'people.debian.org' which will
exclusively be used for individual web pages.

The usual common entry points (debian.org and www.debian.org) have been
resetup to be redirects to this domain, and in future I encourage the
above to be used as the cannonical name. 

klecker will be the primary site, as it was before, however for the moment
the domain points to master. In a bit klecker will be general access again
and people will have a short bit to copy stuff over before the domain goes

Further, I intend to find enough disk space to maintain a complete mirror
of (only) the ~foo/public_html directories from klecker in the event of a

This change will let us move www.debian.org around as necessary without
messing up the ~ paths people like to use. auric will probably serve as
the backup for people.debian.org since it has the space, and master will
continue to be the backup for www.debian.org

Email to people.debian.org is identically the same as email to debian.org.

Finally, I think klecker will be the machine I recommend people use if
they want to have large home directories (for whatever reason..) since it
has enough space and RAID5. Note that we *do not* do backups of any user
home directories on any machines - we simply don't have the space.

Debian Admin

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